JMockit Eclipse

Eclipse plug-in for JMockit. Checks and auto-completes mock objects

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Eclipse plugin that adds IDE support to JMockit library. Provides mock method suggestions and performs static analysis to report API misuse.

Features / Usage

  • Suggests methods to be mocked

    • Press Ctrl+Space inside a class extending MockUp or annotated with @MockClass. A list of mockable methods will appear.
  • Reports warnings as-you-type if mocking API is not used correctly

    • No corresponding real method for mocked method
    • Mock method calling itself but is not marked as 'reentrant'
    • MockUp used with interface but missing getMockInstance() call
    • Mock method missing @Mock annotation
    • and others
  • Lets you jump to real method from mock method. Hold Ctrl (Cmd) over mock method name.

  • Automatically adds JMockit jar as -javaagent argument to JUnit launches. info


In Eclipse install using the Marketplace Client from the Help menu

Alternatively use the Update site:






Eclipse Public License 1.0